When starting link building be sure you’re structuring your URLs for top rankings.
Links are the foundation of your site’s rankings. Well, there are all types of links some so good they can give you a boost in the rankings and some so bad they can be devastating. So understanding how to recognize a good link is very important.

Ask for a link from those who mention your name but don’t yet link to you.
Search for articles, sites, or posts that mention your personal or business name though do not link to it; contact them and suggest that they place a direct link to your site.

Ask your clients for a link from their site.
Ask for links from suppliers, service providers, clients, and complementary businesses. It is good to get links with relevant partners that can send you targeted traffic.

Connect your own sites.
If you have other sites related to your topic place links from them to your site. Don’t use this technique if your websites are hosted on the same server. Connect sites with different IPs only.
Don’t participate in the manipulative link schemes that are prohibited by the search engines’ guidelines. Inbound links or cross change links with a site that does not deal with your topic can be seen by SEs as a Gray-Hat or even a Black-Hat technique.

Ask your web design company to link to your site.
Most web design companies list their client sites in the Portfolio section of their sites. Make sure it is not a script-based link or a redirected link.

Create a virtual business card and include a link to your site.
Look for high quality card exchange sites and create a virtual business card on each site. Generally virtual business cards are professional, clean, flexible and customizable and meant to be exchanged because of the information they contain. Fill the information for your online bio with the link back to your site.

Write a testimonial on someone’s product and have it posted on their site.
This is a great tip! Everyone loves a glowing testimonial to share with potential customers. Pick an authoritative site that has good page rank and write a great honest testimonial about their service/product with specific details.
Where possible give permission for your full name and company name to be used. The testimonial will be posted on their site so you can ask for a link back to your company site.

Ask someone to review your product.
Sites with active user bases can give you links with your keywords that can help your search engine rankings, in addition to bringing you direct traffic and a good reputation via favorable reviews. Search for relevant blogs and reach their authors.

Order a sponsored post from a prominent blogger.
If you can’t write yourself or need an additional audience and traffic to your site, try getting a post about you from an experienced blogger whose topics are relevant to your website/service/product. This way you will automatically get a high quality link pointing to your site.
The main aim of these links is to bring you qualitative traffic and new audiences. The new audience visitors may become your clients.
Note: Do not abuse this method of link building as Google now may penalize websites for excessive paid links that are built for ranking manipulations.

Post comments on the blogs related to your niche.
Track the most popular blogs in your niche. Post comments when you have something to say or share, and include a link to your site in a signature. The subtle mentioning of your products or services in comments helps to build relationships, customer loyalty, and branding. Don’t overdo it however; your comments should not sound as open advertising.

Join forum discussions.
Make quality contributions in forums related to your topic. Add links to your company site in your signature and user profile if this is allowed by the rules of a forum. Every time you post a new topic or a reply, forum readers will be able to follow the links you provide.
Remember that your posts should offer useful information to web surfers, forum fans and return visitors.
Note: Check whether the “nofollow” attribute is used on any given forum, only links without “nofollow” help you with ranking.

Create a thread about your business on a local forum.
If your local forum allows posting information about your business, create a thread with full information about your services. Be sure to add your location, product photos and information on discounts. Keep your thread up-to-date and communicate with your prospects and customers.

Check if your local business partners might be willing to link to your site.
Look for local businesses that have high ranking sites that make sense to your site’s theme and contact them to ask for a link. It is preferable that you acquire a one-way link rather than a reciprocal link. You could provide them with a piece of content or something in exchange for a link. This is what guest blogging is all about these days.